Learn how you can leverage industry insights to build and market products in new ways

Staying at the forefront of industry specific trends, news about your clients, suppliers, partners, or competitors can be overwhelming

In today’s ever evolving digital and connected world, where information and knowledge are readily available and are coming at us in high volume and frequency, we must find better, more efficient ways to communicate, connect and share information.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities, bridging the gap between Product, Marketing and Sales teams in order to maximize data-driven decision making.

Game changing online content aggregation and analysis apps make market trends, customer feedback, competitive insights, and so much more, available at your fingertips.


Content Aggregation > Dassault Systemes

Content Aggregation

Select from various online content sources, or choose from a pre-curated Industry Library

Content Analytics > Dassault Systemes

Content Analytics

Analyze and compare any metrics, capture important trends about your business or industry

Content Distribution > Dassault Systemes

Content Distribution

Automate your analytics to send real-time alerts, schedule recurring reports

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