On-Demand Session

3DEXPERIENCE World 2024: Simulation Domain Session

Discover how adding simulation to the product development process becomes a design enabler and removes guesswork. Watch this informative session and learn how advanced simulation seamlessly integrates into product development, empowering SOLIDWORKS users to tackle complex challenges with greater efficiency and precision.

Simulation is all about asking the question, what if I change things? This on-demand session shares how the unified modeling and simulation approach increases innovation while reducing time and cost.

This session includes:

  • Removing the traditional barriers between design and simulation.
  • Bringing design and simulation together in a MODSIM environment.
  • The Benefits of MODSIM – fully integrated end to end product innovation.
  • How MODSIM can support existing product development challenges.


Alok Das & Pranav Shinde from QARGOS: Get insights from the co-founders of QARGOS on their revolutionary two-wheeler platform, demonstrating the power of simulation in improving delivery operations and safety.

David Daou from Wilson Case: How Wilson case enhanced reusable shipping container performance with MODSIM.

Mark Zakhem from Inovonics: Inovonics is pioneering breakthrough antenna solutions with simulation, highlighting the potential of simulation tools like CST Studio.

Delphine Genouvrier, R&D Roles Portfolio Director, SIMULIA, and Stephen Endersby, Director of Product Portfolio Management, SOLIDWORKS share the latest updates on the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation Portfolio.