8 Essential Value Propositions from Manufacturing ERP

Putting a dollar value on "increased efficiency"

Almost everybody in business today understands the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. From the sales quote through production, shipping, and cash receipts ERP has the potential to significantly impact processes, productivity and profits. The question on the minds of most people that have not yet implemented an integrated ERP system to run the business is --- How? How does it actually affect business processes? And more importantly, how to put a dollar figure to the potential return on your investment.

Download the whitepaper to better understand the financial benefits and impacts of manufacturing ERP on everyday operations including:

  • How improving inventory turns can save $150,000 a year and free up cash for other business investment
  • How eliminating a 5% error in standard costs can result in an additional $700,000 in annual profits
  • How improving scheduling accuracy and eliminating unplanned downtime can create $3-5 million a year in opportunities
  • How reducing production defect rates can lower the cost of poor quality by up to $600,000 a year
  • How reducing quoting errors by 5% can increase profitability by $350,000