On-Demand Session

Battery Thermal Design for Electric Cargo Scooter

The Qargos F9 by Pune-based startup Qargos is the world's first cargo scooter Compact Logistics Vehicle – CLV™. The entire Qargos vehicle platform was imagined with 3DEXPERIENCE Works using the MODSIM unified modeling and simulation approach.

Watch this session to learn how MODSIM allowed Qargos to reduce the number of iterations. Take a wild guess, how many iterations they did on the entire chassis structure? Just one! Why did they get it right? Because they built several prototypes digitally, saving cost and time.

The unified modelling and simulation, or MODSIM, approach offered by the cloud-based 3DExperience platform aligns perfectly with Qargos’ commitment to delivering the highest quality rider experience and performance in a revolutionary cargo vehicle platform.

This on-demand session shares the value of MODSIM with 3DEXPERIENCE Works in the product development process, including:

  • Integrated requirements, traceability, MODeling, SIMulation
  • Comprehensive physics-based simulation capabilities
  • Multi-Disciplinary structures, fluids, EMAG, motion, and plastics simulation
  • Cloud-based HPC and data storage
  • Seamless communication and project management


Alok Das & Pranav Shinde from QARGOS

Get insights from the co-founders of QARGOS on their revolutionary two-wheeler platform, demonstrating the power of simulation in improving delivery operations and safety.