Bend it Like SOLIDWORKS with Rigid-Flex PCB Integration and Collaboration

Learn how to put Electrical and Mechanical designers on the same page by eliminating paper dolls and workarounds with rigid-flex design

Seamless, intelligent ECAD-MCAD collaboration between SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PCB (and Altium Designer) with PCB Connector has fundamentally changed the way mechanical and electrical designers communicate and collaborate during electronic product design, helping to streamline the design process, eliminate costly mistakes and reduce prototypes.

In just 22 minutes, see how the challenges and risks associated with flex-based electronic product design – the vast majority of which are on the mechanical side – can be managed and eliminated to maximize team productivity and improve product quality.

During this webinar, we will show you:

• Seamless, intelligent ECAD-MCAD collaboration for Rigid-flex-based electronic product design

• Rigid-flex design and visualization capabilities for both PCB and CAD

• Streamlined flex-based electronic product design workflow between electrical and mechanical

• Bi-directional communications for Rigid-flex requirements and changes with PCB layout



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