On-Demand Session

Beyond Data Management - What Can You Do with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Explore the full potential of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in this on-demand session. Discover how its extended capabilities seamlessly integrate to transform typical design-to-manufacturing scenarios—from reliance on manual processes and workarounds to a streamlined, automated workflow.

Gain insight into 3D Product Architect and Product Release Engineer, which offer innovative solutions for product structure and release management.

3D Product Architect: Enhance product structures using a web browser. Visualize, edit, and navigate multi-CAD structures, create 3D digital mockups, conduct design reviews, and more. Duplicate products and integrate design changes seamlessly under governed processes.

Product Release Engineer: This cloud-based solution streamlines product definition by facilitating easy access to current, collaborative data, simplifying governance, and ensuring compliance with corporate standards.

This session covers the following key challenges:

  • Communication Across Departments: How do design and engineering teams inform purchasing and manufacturing when a final part is derived from a purchased component requiring modifications?
  • Non-CAD Items: How are components not depicted in CAD included in the final product?
  • BOM and Manufacturing: Is your Bill of Materials structured effectively for manufacturing and assembly, or is it merely a carryover from CAD?

Join this session to see how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform handles these predicaments and more with ease.


Andy Rammer

3DEXPERIENCE Works Industry Process Expert, Dassault Systemes