Bring Creativity to Life with 3D Learning on SolidWorks Apps for Kids

Let kids learn, inspire, and get inspired through unique designs made with free-flowing creativity.

SolidWorks Apps for Kids is an all-in-one package of 3D learning for toddlers online. Through SWAFK, we provide a perfect blend of education and entertainment, enhancing children’s skills through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) techniques.

Our prime objective is to cultivate an enlightening environment for kids to explore their interests and innovate through 3D designs. We wish to help parents like you to develop your kids’ curiosity and skills.

You get all of this without any hassles of guardian supervision or paid subscriptions. It’s fun, easy, and free!


A Peek into Designs Created with Apps for Kids Tools

These are shapes and designs made by kids eager to explore their innovative streak. Apps for Kids makes it possible for children as young as 4 years of age to play and develop 3D skills with ease.

They can amazingly bring their dazzling imagination to life with this set of free apps. Through the 3D learning free app – Shape It, your children can create extraordinary designs. It will help deepen their understanding of technology without making learning tedious.

The Mech It app gives this playful environment a new direction by blending science with shapes. Such brilliant designs will drive your kids to create out-of-the-box shapes and figures.


Your Child’s Safety is Our Prime Concern

At Apps for Kids, we ensure your child’s privacy is maintained at all times. Besides, our team of technical experts guarantees a safe learning environment for your kid.

The SolidWorks Apps for Kids complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of the United States Federal Trade Commission. Rest assured, your child is interacting with a secure online environment. 


Let Your Young Learner Watch and Learn – No Need for Supervision!

We understand your busy schedule and have just the solution you need – guidance-free learning.

Your child can watch tutorials for all the SWAFK online apps and learn to use them with ease.These are simple yet detailed videos acquainting your child with the different app features and tools.

From using Shape It for 3D modeling to tweaking the design with Style It, these tutorials help kids develop app control.


Become Future Ready with 3D Learning Apps that Foster Innate Design Skills

When we say Apps for Kids is an all-in-one edutainment package for children, we refer to its many exciting apps. Each of these applications brings a touch of flair to the table, completing the process between ideation to production.

Capture It: Through this app, your kid can take the first step to creation – ideation. The app lets young minds capture images or edit captured images by adding text, designs, and doodles.

Shape It: If your kid wishes to learn 3D, this is the ideal app to get started with. The tool lets children bring their wildest imagination to the screen and take the first step towards the professional path.

Mech It: Wish to nurture STEM learning? Don’t look further. With Mech It, young learners can explore the science behind designs and develop an interest in design and engineering.

Style It: Let the young artist come out of its shell with Style It. Customize the shapes you created or style an illustration from the public gallery. Add fascinating backgrounds, colors, and stickers to make your creation stand out.

Print It: When we say bring imagination to life, we mean it. Print It is the last step of the process – production. It lets you print 3D designs and bring them to life. Now your child can fill his bedroom with models of their creations, and feel that sense of accomplishment that is so important to his personal development.

Let your child unravel their creativity and learn through a design adventure.

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Enable Your Kid Explore 3D Learning Now

The fast-paced world is busy and competitive. Let your children take their first step towards excellence with the SolidWorks Apps for Kids.

With this exciting 3D learning online app, your child can explore, learn, and create with ease – all without the need for supervision.

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