CIMdata Says the Key to Success is Controlling Your IP

CIMdata Says the Key to Success is Controlling Your IP>SOLIDWORKS

You have probably heard that Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS is now included with all new SOLIDWORKS licenses. Existing SOLIDWORKS users also have an easy path to upgrade their subscription to add Cloud Services, if desired. But why should they? 

We asked CIMdata, an independent leading research authority on PLM, to evaluate Cloud Services and tell us what they think it means for the SOLIDWORKS community. The result is an eBook available for you to download – it talks about evolution of MCAD technology, role of designers in a larger ecosystem, and options for managing data and IP. 

“Based on multiple studies over the years, engineers spend a lot of their workday seeking information, with estimates up to 25% of their time. Of course, some of this time cannot be avoided. What can be avoided is wasting time finding old or incorrect product data.

What’s the cost of sharing or using the wrong IP? It depends on when you identify the failure. But you can be sure that the time and money spent going down the wrong path only increases the longer the error goes unnoticed. The key is to ensure control of your IP.” – CIMdata.

Download the eBook to learn how you can safeguard your IP and safely share your data with Cloud Services.


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