Companies Using Virtual Prototyping Bring Higher-Quality Products to Market Faster

Learn the value of virtual prototyping over traditional product development methods

As companies struggle to competitively differentiate their products and beat competitors to market, quick decisions within engineering have become increasingly critical.

According to a new report from Aberdeen Research, this fast-paced reality means that relying solely on hand calculations and physical prototypes is no longer a viable design approach. The most successful companies are turning to virtual testing while they design and are experiencing major benefits in terms of speed of development, cost and quality.

In this report, you'll discover that the highest performing companies are:


  • 17 percent more likely to meet product launch targets
  • Seeing a 13 percent decrease in overall development time for new products
  • 10 percent more likely to meet product revenue targets
  • 4 percent more likely to meet product quality targets
  • Experiencing a 6x greater decrease in length of development cycle over the last two years


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