Complex Surface Modeling Simplified – CAD Expertise Not Required

Complex Surface Modeling Simplified – CAD Expertise Not Require

See why industrial designer Jason Pohl, formerly of Orange County Choppers, is obsessed with 3D Sculptor.

More and more mechanical and electrical engineers are being called on to develop the look and feel of products, along with their structural design. If you’re a SOLIDWORKS® user looking to quickly create smooth, organic shapes, check out 3D Sculptor.

3D Sculptor offers an intuitive approach to creating dramatic freeform shapes, making it the perfect tool for developing new designs quickly. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, this cloud-based solution has advanced subdivision (Sub-D) surface modeling capabilities, plus it works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Organic shapes can be challenging (and often very slow) to build with parametric modelers. With 3D Sculptor, you can speed the idea or conceptual stage of design and collaborate with your team to achieve a final design in a fraction of the time.

> WATCH THE VIDEO to see how 3D Sculptor enables you to speed up the idea stage of design and create smooth surfaces, allowing you to arrive at a final design more quickly and efficiently.


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