Create Components the Easy Way

See how 3D Component Design is Made Simple with 3D Creator

Watch the video to learn more about 3D Component Designer and how it can help you work faster and more efficiently.

Single Modeling Environment – You’re no longer constrained by working with parts or assemblies. Instead, you can get right to work, creating the sketches and features that define your design.

Easy Collaboration with Teams – The software runs on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, making it easy to communicate and share designs with your team members—internal and external. Plus, you can leverage its built-in revision control and task management capabilities.

Machine Learning – Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms guide your design based on previously completed work. The more design you do in the system, the smarter your recommendations become, since AI is continually evolving and learning from what you’ve done on previous models.

SOLIDWORKS® Integration – Based on your set-up, changes you make in 3D Creator will update automatically in your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model—no messy, error-prone translations needed.

See how component design is made simple with 3D creator


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