On-Demand Session

Cross-Wind Aerodynamics Studies On Electric Cargo Scooters

The Qargos F9 by Pune-based startup Qargos is the world's first cargo scooter Compact Logistics Vehicle – CLV™. The entire Qargos vehicle platform was imagined with 3DEXPERIENCE Works using the MODSIM unified modeling and simulation approach.

Aerodynamic simulation is vital for optimizing the design of an electric two-wheeler cargo scooter, which has a closed shape for cargo safety and storage like cars, limiting crosswind openings. In this on-demand session, you will gain insights into predicting drag coefficients and side forces under various wind loads, assessing their impact on the vehicle's range and performance, and proposing design improvements for electric two-wheelers. 

Watch this session to learn about the benefits of the Digital Twin approach enabled by MODSIM, including:

  • Saving time
  • Saving cost
  • Saving effort
  • Avoiding data losses/inaccuracies
  • Reducing prototypes
  • Accelerating improvements


Alok Das & Pranav Shinde from QARGOS: Get insights from the co-founders of QARGOS on their revolutionary two-wheeler platform, demonstrating the power of simulation in improving delivery operations and safety.