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Your Result is SOLIDWORKS® Cloud

Thank You for Taking the SOLIDWORKS Design Solutions Quiz!

Thank you for taking the SOLIDWORKS Design Solutions Quiz! Based on your responses, we’ve determined the best product for you and your unique business needs is SOLIDWORKS Cloud.

Step into the future with SOLIDWORKS® Cloud, a collection of browser-based product development tools that are accessible from any device, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere. These innovative, next-generation tools give you the power to push the boundaries of product development.

Round out your product development process with a suite of design tools and CAD-aware cloud storage and data management solutions. Parts, assemblies, drawings, renderings, design markups, storage, and more are a click away on the cloud.

Sea Scooter Screenshot - Dan Designer – xShape

With SOLIDWORKS Cloud you can:

  • Say goodbye to dependence on your IT department for installation and updates with a completely browser-based solution.
  • Unleash yourself from your desktop and work from any device with an internet connection without the need for any software installation.
  • Create incredible products with a suite of next-generation design tools tailor-made for parametric, subdivision (Sub-D), structure, and sheet metal workflows.
  • Prepare your designs for production and create stunning renders for marketing with browser-based model-based definition, detailing, and visualization tools.
  • Access your data anywhere, on any device, from secure, purpose-built, CAD-aware cloud storage that makes it easy to manage revisions.
  • Enhance your designs by tapping 3DEXPERIENCE® Works, a powerful portfolio of new cloud-based design, data management, simulation, manufacturing, and visualization solutions.