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Thank you for taking the SOLIDWORKS Design Solutions Quiz and for being part of the SOLIDWORKS community! As an existing SOLIDWORKS customer, your tools already have you set up for success. 

Here are some ways you can uplift your team, enhance your design solution, and make your product development process even better:

  • Check out the latest user-driven enhancements in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Add Subscription Services to your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and get live technical support, certification exams, exclusive training content, robust visualization and manufacturing tools, and much more.
  • Enhance SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with a robust suite of data management, simulation, visualization, and manufacturing tools.
  • Join the passionate SOLIDWORKS community and learn from other users in the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network.
  • Watch SOLIDWORKS Live and see the latest and greatest in SOLIDWORKS design, manufacturing, and more.
  • Access hundreds of training videos, in-depth learning paths, and more with MySolidWorks.

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