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Upgrade Your SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD Subscription Service 

Thank You for Taking the SOLIDWORKS Design Solutions Quiz!

Thank you for taking the SOLIDWORKS Design Solutions Quiz! Based on your responses, we’ve determined the best solution for you and your unique business is to upgrade your Subscription Service.

Upgrading your Subscription Service gives you and your team access to all sorts of benefits, including immediate access to software upgrades, live technical support from your local Value Added Reseller, and powerful software for visualization and manufacturing. It also opens you up to new file sharing and storage possibilities with Cloud Services.

Manage design issues

Managing your team, designs, and data is made easy and secure by connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the cloud with Cloud Services. Your data is kept safe in cloud-based, CAD-aware storage. When you upgrade to Cloud Services, all of your stakeholders, whether they’re designers, managers, executives, or third parties, can speed up your product development process with easy-to-use sharing and markup capabilities.

By upgrading your Subscription Service with Cloud Services, you can:

  • Quickly share your designs with all stakeholders for markup and review by sending a secure link—there’s no need for them to download or install a viewer.
  • Utilize secure, purpose-built, CAD-aware cloud storage to easily manage revisions, keep your team on track, and your valuable IP safe.
  • Keep IT costs and overhead low with cloud-based data management that doesn’t require local servers.
  • Enhance your SOLIDWORKS experience with live technical support, certification exams, exclusive training content, robust visualization and manufacturing tools, and much more.
  • Discover more SOLIDWORKS-integrated and cloud-connected solutions that can take your products from idea to market faster than ever.