eBook: Working Together for Developing Innovative Electromechanical Products

Learn the six challenges of efficient collaboration on electromechanical design projects and how to overcome them

Electromechanical products and their technical requirements are getting so complex that sheer manpower and dated design methods are not getting the job done. Electrical, Electronics (PCB) and mechanical design engineers need to work more closely together to ensure a successful outcome, but they need new, capable tools for designing electronics (including PCBs) and support systems. Replacing current practices with best practices that involve both technologies and people are essential for developing innovative electromechanical products, but they are not always easily implemented.

This eBook will take a look at the six main problems and challenges of traditional practices, then review the solutions and benefits offered by best practices for integrating ECAD and MCAD disciplines for the development of outstanding products that provide real value for customers.



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