Enhance Your Design Workflow with Generative Design

Learn how Topology Study opens you to a new design paradigm

The new Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS® Simulation enables you to quickly and easily optimize shapes from the start of your design work—resulting in lighter, higher–quality parts that are fit for manufacturing. Now you can see Topology at work during this 22-minute recorded webinar.

Powered by SIMULIA's Tosca solvers, Topology Study is a powerful tool that helps designers deliver minimum mass solution designs optimized for strength and manufacturing processes. During this recorded webinar, simulation expert Sasi Sithambaram will go over setting up topology studies and discuss the use of generative design in both additive and subtractive manufacturing. In addition, you'll learn how Topology can help you create more organic designs and significantly reduce weight in your designs.

Watch the webinar and get a first–hand look at the all-new Topology Study.

Enhance Your Design Workflow with Generative Design


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