Episode Two: Brainstorm with the Best Using Lean Team Player

With the workforce still largely working remotely, the ability to sit down together, sketch out ideas, organize projects, and share real-time feedback is more important than ever. Does your team have the tools to connect even when everyone is so far away?

The DTV Shredder team does. With Lean Team Player, they're able to meet remotely in an eye-catching, customizable, and agile virtual environment. When the time comes to change the Shredder's design, Lean Team Player lets them:

  • Simplify their meetings with built-in lean organization principles
  • Brainstorm remotely using digital sticky notes and whiteboards
  • Capture notes, actions, and problems in real time
  • Sketch, ideate, and provide feedback—all while collaborating in a single space
  • Keep every aspect of their product development process on track


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