Experience Truly Transparent Data Management with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Don't let version control headaches sidetrack your product development efforts

The lifeblood of any product development company is its product data. Keeping that valuable IP safe is critical; however, you also need to be able to efficiently share this data so teams can collaborate—freely and often—to create highly optimized products. Keeping it organized is also crucial as lost files come at a very high cost in terms of lost productivity and time.

Give everyone a voice in product development

We are now offering a portfolio of tools that can be leveraged by everyone in your business, not just the engineers and designers. 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions enable you to:

  • Boost productivity and foster innovation with cloud-based tools
  • Take advantage of built-in data management capabilities with zero IT overhead
  • Connect and gather feedback in a way that doesn't delay development cycles
  • Safely collaborate on designs in real time with colleagues, partners, and suppliers
  • Leverage SOLIDWORKS design tools to connect design teams any time, from anywhere and on any device

Remember teams, not individuals, create innovative products. Unlock the value of your teams by breaking down silos and enabling every stakeholder—from design to manufacturing—to have the tools each needs to provide the valuable feedback necessary to create that groundbreaking new product.

Experience Truly Transparent Data Management with 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS


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