Explore Sheet Metal Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS® 2023

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Structure Systems and Sheet Metal have enhancements that help accelerate tedious tasks and enable smoother design-to-manufacturing workflows.


SOLIDWORKS 2023 offers an expanded weldments and sheet metal environment to create and modify your designs faster and more efficiently.

Here are a few enhancements:

  • Change the weldment profile in Structure Systems for a select set of members and save that to a unique configuration.
  • Ensure identical inside and outside bend radii by choosing the symmetrical option in SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal.
  • Apply consistent corner treatment by automatically grouping similar corners in SOLIDWORKS Structure Systems.
  • Create sheet metal-specific sensors to dynamically warn you if the flat pattern of the sheet metal part exceeds width, length, area, or bounding box area blank values.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Sheet Metal and Structure Systems accelerates your design-to-manufacturing workflow. And remember: When you connect your SOLIDWORKS designs to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, sharing your work with other users or across teams is easier than ever.


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