First Look: SOLIDWORKS Cloud

Discover the fully browser-based, next generation product development solution from SOLIDWORKS


How do you need to work? These days, one person in a company may need to wear many hats and fill multiple roles. SOLIDWORKS Cloud lets you finish the job, with an all-in-one suite of product development tools that take you from design, to product definition, to manufacturing, and more—all in a web browser. SOLIDWORKS Cloud allows you to:

  • Reduce IT overhead costs. SOLIDWORKS Cloud is completely online and all tools update automatically to the latest versions, dramatically reducing installation and hardware costs for your business.
  • Design and conceptualize quickly with powerful parametric and Sub-D modeling tools.
  • Explore alternative designs and capture revision history with built-in, CAD-aware data and lifecycle management.
  • Design bent and formed sheet metal parts, generate fabrication-ready flat pattern outputs, and create weldments and frames for tooling or fixturing.
  • Quickly generate realistic product renderings and colorways by leveraging cloud computing resources.
  • Provide manufacturing with documentation that gets your products built right the first time.
  • And much more.

WATCH THE VIDEO and learn how SOLIDWORKS Cloud’s suite of browser-based tools can help your business succeed.


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