The Freedom of a Single Modeling Environment

3D Creator enables you to focus on design instead of file organization

Watch the video to learn more about 3D Creator, and how it can help you work faster and more efficiently.

3D Creator is a 3D parametric modeler with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data with SOLIDWORKS.

The single modeling environment frees you from deciding what is going to be a part or an assembly. You can put the components you define into sub-assemblies, and those sub-assemblies can be easily dissolved back to just components. Just start creating the features that define the design without having to worry about the best assembly structure. At any point, you can choose which features comprise a new component and create one from them on the fly.

The Design Assistant predicts what you are going to do, and if it’s correct, you just hit the ok button; if not, you can make more selections or give it more inputs and the predicted result is refined. For example, if you pick an edge to fillet or a chamfer, the artificial intelligence (AI) software looks at other edges that are similar or symmetrical or a comparable length or nearby and predicts what you’ll want to do next. One-click gives the go-ahead for the software to automatically pick all similar edges.

All you need to access 3D Creator is an internet connection and a web browser. Work from home, at the office, or on the road.

The Freedom of a Single Modeling Environment


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