Invest in your Future: Get certified as a 3DEXPERIENCE 3DSwymmer-Associate for FREE

Are you a student ready to harness the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform? This certification introduces you to the various functionalities available for the 3DSwymer role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Showcase your expertise to your future employers!

Discover how take the exam for FREE

To take the exam, just follow these instructions below.  

1.Download and SAVE the testing software from the following link in any location of your choice: 

2.Execute the file you just downloaded and proceed through the first set-up screen.

3.Login with your email address and password.  If you forgot your password, then go here to reset it.  

Discover how take the exam for FREE

4.Pick 3DEXPERIENCE from the next screen.


5.At the next screen enter the EVENT ID code provided (3QZH9KAXFG) and click “Submit”

*3QZH9KAXFG code valid during  March 22 to 29 *

You will then see the 3DSwymer Associate exam in the list. Just click “Start Exam”

Discover how take the exam for FREE

6.Click on the language in which you’d like to take the exam and then the “Start Exam” button.

7.Take the exam.

Exam Details

Exam Length: 60 Minutes

Minimum Passing grade: 70%

The completion of the 3DEXPERIENCE – 3DSwymer exam shows that you have successfully demonstrated your understanding of data management tools available on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Online Training

This 3DEXPERIENCE Edu SPACE Learning for this certification is FREE. Click this link to access the online learning.  You will need a SOLIDWORKS ID to log in.