Get Certified to Prove Your Design Mastery and Up-level Your Resume

Learn 6 reasons why you should become SOLIDWORKS-certified

The SOLIDWORKS Certification program tests your mastery of SOLIDWORKS software. The testing thoroughly evaluates your foundational skills and is a respected industry benchmark often sought out by employers. 

Being SOLIDWORKS-certified benefits you by:

  • Validating your expertise: Being certified is quantitative proof of your design expertise and conveys your commitment to your craft. 
  • Enhancing quality: Mastering techniques in the certification process improves foundational skills translating to high-quality designs and an increased level of efficiency. 
  • Offering lifelong learning: Continuously develop your skills with over 30 certification exams. Learn new skills and position yourself for future growth. 
  • Expanding your network: Getting certified connects you with a global community of design professionals offering a built-in support system for advice and assistance. 

Did you know the exams are included with SOLIDWORKS Subscription? Users in the Subscription Service program can access up to six free certification exams each year. All the more reason to get started. 


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