Gilo Industries: Building the Aviation Technology of Tomorrow

Learn how Gilo Industries uses a suite of SOLIDWORKS® design tools to build extreme propulsion systems

On a sunny day in May 2007, Gilo Industries propelled ultralight aviation to new heights - 29,494 feet, to be precise - when Bear Grylls strapped on the company's powered paraglider and flew over the summit of Mount Everest.
Six years earlier, Gilo Industries started as a humble workshop in the United Kingdom. The company began building world-class paramotors, which are part jetpack and part paraglider, before tackling the challenge of a flight over Everest.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how Gilo Industries made the impossible possible by using SOLIDWORKS to design an engine light enough to be carried on a paramotor, but capable of flying at 5.5 miles above the earth, in subzero temperatures and with wind speeds over 200 miles per hour.



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