Go from Estimate to Final Parts with SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD and DELMIAworks ERP

SEA-LECT Plastics Corporation is a leading supplier of custom injection molding, design, product development, and tooling services in the Pacific Northwest. SEA-LECT takes a customer idea from concept to reality. The company uses SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and DELMIAworks ERP, enabling it to accurately assess the profitability of a job—before it even starts.  SEA-LECT Plastics has substantially increased operational efficiency—from 70 percent to 98.5 percent—while simultaneously improving part quality and related processes.

“I need a lot of information from this CAD file. Part volume, for instance, or critical dimensions. That data helps me with my information from DELMIAworks where I get all my information from the quoting module to then combine the numbers and get to my customer with a precise quote very quickly.”

 – Matt Poischbeg, VP & General Manager, SEA-LECT Plastics


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