Haenen Design Studios relies on DraftSight® to create interior design project

Creating and communicating interior design concepts with DraftSight

The Challenge

Cost-effectively create to-scale, dimensionally accurate 2D drawings of interior design concepts for incorporating design elements and communicating interior design concepts to clients and contractors.


  • Created interior design drawings at a competitive cost
  • Realized ability to match interior design concepts  to clients’ vision
  • Improved communication of interior design concepts
  • Achieved optimal spacing of design elements

Drawings as the foundation of interior design

Haenen says creating to-scale, dimensionally accurate drawings—like those that she creates with DraftSight Professional—is the foundation of interior design. “The mathematical spacing aspect of interior design is just as important, if not more important, as the chosen design elements,” Haenen stresses. “Haenen Design Studios handles many kitchen and bathroom projects, and the size of the space is often the determining and controlling factor for design elements,” Haenen continues. “By doing a drawing of the space in DraftSight Professional, I know exactly how much space I have to work with—or whether moving a wall, window, door, or cavity is possible—and can space things out in a manner that works perfectly. Once the limitations of the space are established, the only other constraints on my creativity are the preferred style of the client and the size of the budget.”

Haenen Design Studios is a brand identity and interior design consultancy based in Culver City, CA. The company’s Haenen Interiors Division creates smart, contemporary designs for homes and businesses. Principal Designer Christine Haenen founded Haenen Design Studios in 2014. With a background in fine arts, Haenen has a firm understanding of how to best utilize each space, identify opportunities for improvement, and knows how to uncover hidden beauty. By pairing sophisticated color and furniture choices with functionality and flow, Haenen Design Studios creates timeless elegance and interior spaces that clients love. The company’s services include art and color consultation, space planning, 2D drawing preparation, complete design concepts, and on-site management to completion.

Although she learned to use other CAD 2D design software as a student, Haenen needed a solution closer to her need for creating and communicating interior design concepts when she founded Haenen Design Studios. “I had used a student CAD solution, so I needed a more affordable 2D design and drawing package,” Haenen explains. “I did some research online, but it didn’t work for me. That’s when an architect friend suggested that I try DraftSight® 2D design software.” In evaluating DraftSight design software, Haenen noted that because the software functions in a similar way to the other CAD solutions, it was fast and easy to learn and begin using the software.

 “I was very happy to discover the option of using DraftSight,” Haenen recalls. “Using DraftSight, it’s very easy to develop a drawing of the space on which I’m working. I meet with a client and use a laser-based measurement system to capture accurate dimensions for the space, which I input in my drawing. I then use Adobe® InDesign® software to create my own visuals of the furniture, appliances, and furnishings, which I then include as an overlay to my base drawing. I decided to purchase DraftSight Professional software because it provides a good solution for creating drawings at a very competitive price.”


Accurate drawings eliminate issues, surprises

In addition to enabling Haenen Design Studios to define the extent of an interior design space, 2D drawings created with DraftSight Professional software help the firm ensure that there are no implementation issues or surprises. “My name is on the line on every interior design project that I complete, so delivering the best-possible, problem-free design is critically important,” Haenen notes. “By developing drawings with DraftSight Professional software, we eliminate the potential for issues and unanticipated surprises because the fit and dimensions on the drawing are always accurate,” Haenen adds. “With DraftSight Professional, I know that my drawing is an exact representation of the space. If the DraftSight drawing indicates that an offset is 24 feet, I know that it will be 24 feet. By utilizing accurate DraftSight drawings, I’m confident that I can give each client a good product and ultimately a good result.”

Capturing and communicating a client's vision

Drawings created with DraftSight Professional software not only guarantee the accuracy of dimensions and the spacing of design elements, they also help Haenen Design Studios communicate and interact with clients in ways that allow the firm to capture the style, preferences, and vision of a client and then communicate that vision through the furniture, appliances, and furnishings chosen for inclusion in the design. “With DraftSight Professional drawings and a visual overlay of design elements, I can show a client how their vision for the space will look and contrast that against other creative ideas,” Haenen points out. “Once I comprehend a client’s vision, DraftSight Professional is an important tool for creating a reaction to that vision,” Haenen says. “DraftSight Professional drawings help clients visualize how design elements are spaced and will fit, and help me understand how best to help my clients.”