Harmonizing 2D and 3D CAD with DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS

Watch Young Industries' Customer Testimonial to See How

Young Industries is maximizing design productivity for development of its custom-designed bulk material-handling systems by using DraftSight® Enterprise CAD software for 2D tasks, such as managing legacy drawings and creating P&IDs, alongside SOLIDWORKS® for 3D needs, such as large-assembly design and PDM.

Young Industries' critical considerations in choosing 2D design software:

>>     Compatibility with SOLIDWORKS

>>     Cost! DraftSight is a fraction of the price of comparable 2D CAD applications

"We decided we needed a new, a better 2D CAD solution. We had already added 3D modeling with SOLIDWORKS, so DraftSight was almost a no brainer. We were able to bring in a 2D CAD software, integrated with SOLIDWORKS, integrated with our PDM. Easily able to deploy and manage. We didn't have to worry about how many people and is this going to work." - J. Tyler Thompson, VP of Operations, Young Industries

Watch Young Industries' Customer Testimonial to See How


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