Hear How You Can Leverage Model-based Definition to Accelerate Quality Control

Learn how to use MBD to extend the digital thread from design all the way to production and inspection

Did you know that engineers spend an average of 21.3 hours a week creating drawings and an additional 6.4 hours answering questions about those drawings? What if there was a more efficient way to create and share product information with downstream users? SOLIDWORKS® model-based definition (MBD) software enables users to clearly communicate important product information with downstream disciplines, such as manufacturing, and automates the error-prone traditional approach to quality control and inspection.

Watch this on-demand tech session to learn how SOLIDWORKS MBD can leverage your 3D data to more efficiently communicate with manufacturing and how SOLIDWORKS Inspection can automate the creation of quality technical documentation to speed up the inspection process.

WATCH NOW to learn how you can:  

  • Streamline design-to-manufacturing workflows
  • Automate the creation of inspection documents
  • Reduce miscommunications with manufacturing as a result of using 2D drawings
  • Further automate manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS CAM


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