Improve Collaboration and Teamwork With SOLIDWORKS Professional

Collaboration drives process efficiency and product excellence with SOLIDWORKS Professional

It takes great teamwork to conceive, develop, manufacture and market a great product. SOLIDWORKS® Professional puts collaboration and teamwork at the center of the entire design-to-manufacturing process. Advanced communication and knowledge transfer capabilities help maintain the integrity and consistency of concepts as they move through each stage of the design-to-manufacturing process. This drives improved efficiency, accuracy and quality while reducing errors, minimizing re-work costs and optimizing ROI.

SOLIDWORKS Professional incorporates these additional essential functions :

>>  CircuitWorks for integration of electrical and mechanical designs

>>  eDrawings Professional for easy sharing of 3D and 2D designs across a wide range of file and format types

>>  PDM Standard for optimizing and managing project data, including files, variations, imagery, notes and documentation

>>  Visualize Standard to generate photo-quality renderings of designs, enabling the most accurate representation possible of the final product without prototyping

SOLIDWORKS Professional enables teams to collaborate to do their best work, create the best possible product, and drive the best business results—by making the design-to-manufacturing process the best it can be.


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