Improve Team Collaboration and Productivity with Cloud-connected SOLIDWORKS

Watch how Square Robot accelerated its development process

With offices in multiple locations, startup Square Robot needed a cost-effective way for its engineers to collaborate on designs of its specialized robots that autonomously inspect and repair fuel storage tanks.

The team initially began developing parts, assemblies, and drawings in SOLIDWORKS, and storing them in the cloud via Google Drive, using the SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go feature for large datasets. They quickly learned the challenges of working with a tool that is not CAD-aware and lacks version control.

Square Robot turned to the cloud-based data and product lifecycle management tools from SOLIDWORKS to collaboratively design regardless of their locations. Watch the video to learn how they:

>>  Connected SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud

>>  Accelerated collaborative development process

>>  Reduced errors through improved revision control

>>  Improved team collaboration and productivity

Watch how Square Robot accelerated its development process


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