The New Era of Industrial Equipment

Traditional, sequential machinery development doesn’t cut it anymore. Using non-integrated tools for machine design, validation, manufacturing, quality control, assembly, and documentation, leads to added time, costs, and a greater probability of errors. But there’s a better way.

Industry Segments

New approach to Industrial Equipment Design white paper

By using an integrated CAD/CAM solution, you can overcome the problems associated with the traditional disconnect between design and manufacturing. Download the white paper to learn how SOLIDWORKS can help integrate and accelerate your product development.


5 trends for the future of Industrial Equipment

Click on the infographic below to find out what are the factors that shape the new era of Industrial Equipment.

Industry Equipment design for the future

Watch the video below to learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help Industrial Equipment designers gain insight into how different designs will perform under specific conditions, before any parts are built.

Download the whitepaper