Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Series #3 – How are Parts Interacting with Each Other?

Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Series #2 – What is Meshing and How to Apply to a Model?

Explore the nuances of configuring and executing simulations in SOLIDWORKS®. Uncover the profound impact simulations can have on elevating product design, an aspect often overlooked by many SOLIDWORKS users.

Watch our on-demand webinar where Technical Manager, Mattias Robertsson takes a deep dive into Contacts and Contact Types in regards to assemblies. Some of the questions he answers and goes over are:

  • What is moving?
  • What is not moving?
  • What surfaces are in contact?
  • What areas could be in contact?
  • What geometry is needed for the simulation?

You will leave this recording with a better understanding of how parts interact with each other. 


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