Keeping a Sharp Competitive Edge with Design-focused Business

Learn how AV&R stays ahead of its competition with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

AV&R is a global leader in automation technology, vision and robotics technology with a unique expertise in automated robotic finishing of gas turbine parts, such as the blades used in jet engines. The company uses SOLIDWORKS solutions in all facets of its business and across multiple departments from design and assembly to prototyping and data management.

AV&R's implementation of SOLIDWORKS solutions keeps its multi-disciplinary teams in synch so they can design and build automated robotic cells capable of optimizing the designs of its aerospace customers for maximum performance and efficiency.

WATCH THE VIDEOS and see how AV&R uses SOLIDWORKS Solutions to:

>>  Integrate its design and manufacturing product development processes to speed time to market

>>  Validate, manufacture, inspect, document, communicate and manage data—all in one unified system

>>  Quickly iterate on parts of its robotic systems using SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing

>>  Efficiently collaborate with customers and suppliers, keeping multi-disciplinary teams in synch with SOLIDWORKS PDM

With SOLIDWORKS Professional you can create data-rich 2D and 3D renderings, photorealistic illustrations, and full-motion 3D animations to connect with clients, collaborators, consumers, third-party vendors and other project stakeholders to swiftly share and streamline a project's progress.

Keeping a Sharp Competitive Edge with Design-focused Business


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