Learn 8 Ways SOLIDWORKS Reseller Partners Bring You Value

Get the most out of your reseller partner relationship

Maximize your design software investment with your SOLIDWORKS Reseller Partner. These dedicated, local experts go beyond just selling by understanding your unique product development needs. Our industry-proven reseller partners become your trusted partner in success by helping you:

  • Onboard & Optimize: By tailoring solutions to your needs with dedicated support, your reseller will ensure you get the most out of SOLIDWORKS from the start.
  • Connect with Experts: With expert guidance and industry experience, your reseller has in-depth knowledge to solve industry-specific and product development challenges.
  • Access Training & Support: Your reseller provides access to in-person training, online courses, and ongoing technical support to keep your team up-to-speed.
  • Stay Current: Receive timely updates on new features and software enhancements.


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