Learn How GE Healthcare Uses FEA/CFD to Optimize Products During COVID-19

Hear leading engineers discuss how integrated simulation tools are a must for efficient, innovative product development.

COVID-19 quickly ushered in new challenges for every engineer. The engineering team at GE Healthcare Anesthesia and Respiratory Care (ARC) Group was no exception and its duties tied to the frontlines only added urgency to innovate.

Watch this discussion with GE engineers to learn how simulation solutions were critical to optimizing products and increasing production to meet growing customer demands during the pandemic. GE engineers will also discuss how virtual prototyping with FEA/CFD, including 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, fits into their design process and eliminates the need for multiple physical prototypes; speeding product development and cutting costs.

Virtual prototyping with CFD speeds development and shrinks costs


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