Learn How You Could Be Developing Products More Efficiently with PDM

Stop wasting time on non-productive tasks

Modern product development efforts rely on many key processes that must run smoothly to get a product from concept to market in a timely manner. One bottleneck in any of these processes can lead to slower time to market and ultimately missed opportunities. Many of these processes rely on efficient management of important design data. Without a PDM system in place, engineers spend an average of nine hours per week on “non-productive activities” such as searching for files, wasting time working on the wrong model or recreating models that can’t be easily found.

Download Engineering.com’s “Research Report: How Design Teams Manage Product Data” to learn how deploying product data management (PDM) systems can help you improve upon these key processes and improve workflows so you can develop new products more efficiently and stop wasting time on non-productive tasks.

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  • What features in PDM systems are most critical to users
  • How PDM facilitates workflow efficiencies
  • How much time design team members waste on non-productive activities
  • What seven design activities are most affected by not having a data management solution


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