Leveraging AI Technology in SOLIDWORKS

June 26th , 2024. From 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Leveraging AI Technology in SOLIDWORKS

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing an increasingly dominant role within the world of technology, capturing the attention of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Did you know that SOLIDWORKS has been working on these technologies for several years, and users are already benefiting from several features launched over time in SOLIDWORKS products that leverage artificial intelligence?

In this webinar we will dive into how you can take advantage of the predictive capabilities of these tools to help you have an even faster and more professional design experience.

Curious to find out how artificial intelligence will evolve in SOLIDWORKS? Participate in the webinar to get a preview of future development plans!

Do you want to learn more? Join us June 26th, at 02:00pm (CET).


  • We will deep dive into SOLIDWORKS functionalities that leverage artificial intelligence and how they can support engineers and designers in their work.
  • We will discover which Cloud tools allow a powerful use of artificial intelligence technologies.
  • We will reveal some anticipation regarding technologies in development

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Leveraging AI Technology in SOLIDWORKS>SOLIDWORKS

Alessandro Tornincasa

Industry Process Consultant
@Dassault Systèmes


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