Master Sub-D Modeling with xShape Master Class

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Learn how to model with next-generation freeform design tools

Introducing xShape Master Class! SOLIDWORKS modeling experts have designed a free series of in-depth tutorials that teach you how to use the freeform subdivision (Sub-D) surface modeling tool xShape, found in the 3D Sculptor role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

You can watch the tutorials, download the working files, and become a modeling master. In xShape Master Class, you will learn:​​​​​​​

  • How to start thinking about surface modeling from a freeform Sub-D perspective
  • The basics of xShape, including how to change and edit mesh services and get started with different primitive shapes
  • Intermediate xShape techniques, like soft selection, aligning Sub-D geometry, and more
  • Advanced xShape techniques, including how to use ordered geometric sets (OGSs), and how to create a Sub-D design with parametric features
  • Selection tips, keyboard shortcuts, and more


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