Master the Plant Layout Designs with DraftSight!

23rd July 2024 | 3.00 PM - 03.45 PM IST

Master the Plant Layout Designs with DraftSight

Don't settle for inefficient layouts! Unlock the full potential of your plant with DraftSight

Join us for a technical journey that empowers you with the precision to create and modify manufacturing facility layouts using the state-of-the-art 2D software, DraftSight. Explore all the robust features of DraftSight that enable you to achieve your objectives efficiently and without any compromises.

In this informative session, you'll discover how to:

  • Bridge the gap: Integrate 2D drawing & PDF for smarter layouts.
  • Maximize space: Use efficient space utilization techniques to get the most out of your plant layout.
  • Boost productivity: Refine manufacturing cells and layouts for optimal efficiency.

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Master the Plant Layout Designs with DraftSight


Industry Process Consultant Specialist - DraftSight, Dassault Systemes


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