Meet the Design Assistant

SOLIDWORKS has implemented AI and machine learning-powered tools to help you design better.


SOLIDWORKS is committed to enhancing our design tools. The next-generation, browser-based design solutions found in SOLIDWORKS Cloud come with the Design Assistant. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the Design Assistant learns from you and the way you work, and offers suggestions based on your own, particular workflows.

The Design Assistant includes:

Selection Helper, which predicts and suggests which of your model’s entities you should select next. 

Mate Helper, which automatically inserts multiple instances of components into your assembly by recognizing and suggesting locations for replication.

Sketch Helper, which recognizes existing sketch geometry in relation to surrounding geometry and suggests additional locations to place sketch entities.

Smart Mate, which helps you create fully constrained mates; drag and hold a component into position, and Smart Mate will automatically create mates to surrounding components, recognizing the correct mating faces.


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