Overcome Smart Manufacturing Challenges

Successfully transition to smart manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Smart manufacturing has ushered in growing market demands for product innovation, safety, reliability, smart features, improved quality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. The result is product development has become more complex.

As product complexity increases, so does the likelihood that performance and manufacturing issues will derail schedules and bloat budgets. Taking a simulation-driven approach to product development counters the challenges of complex products by enabling you to validate designs earlier to avoid surprises, delays, and cost overruns.

By reading this whitepaper, you will understand how simulation-driven design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation facilitates smart manufacturing by enabling you to:

>>  Accelerate Time to Market for Complex Products

>>  Shorten and Improve Conceptual Design Processes

>>  Facilitate System Level/Assembly Design

>>  Solve Difficult Physics Problems

>>  Slash Product Development Costs while Introducing Innovations

>>  Retain Product Development Talent



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