The power of Streamlined Workflows in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Simplified workflow improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 enable shortened time to market, improved product quality and reduction in manufacturing costs.

No matter your industry, SOLIDWORKS® 2020 has added improvements that will help you innovate better and get your products to market faster.

SOLIDWORKS® 2020 has greatly streamlined the workflows, allowing you to work more efficiently. Specific workflow improvements include:

>>  Make Part Flexible is a new capability that allows you to display the same part in different conditions in the same assembly. For example, the same spring exists twice in the same assembly, but in 2 different conditions – compressed and not compressed. This ensures that the BOM is accurate which helps purchasing to order the right components and saves design time as more versions of the same part are no longer needed.

>>  Silhouette Entities: For Sketch, the new Silhouette Entities tool makes selecting edges more robust and faster. And the new Torsion Continuity Relation in sketcher lets you achieve G3 curvature between curves thereby allowing a seamless transition. Now you can control the rate of the curvature along the curve as it transitions from one curve or surface to another.

>>  Simulation Evaluator is a new feature that checks your Simulation model for common errors related to result location, material and mesh volume. It empowers Simulation users with the confidence of having the correct Simulation setup and results.

The power of Streamlined Workflows in SOLIDWORKS 2020


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