Precision in Simulation Starts with the Set Up

Learn how intuitive simulation plays a critical role in accurate analysis

Developers of finite element analysis (FEA) software often tout the accuracy of their results as being superior to those of their competitors.

The truth is all simulation packages use the same finite element method (FEM) of mathematics; meaning the real differentiator is finding a solution that enables users to correctly set up and solve FEA problems.

If you're evaluating analysis solutions, this article explains key differentiators including how:

  • Simulation accuracy relies heavily on ease of use to set up problems correctly.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA Structural Professional Engineer (SPE) stand out by providing intuitive and integrated tools.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation results generally fall within 1 percent of industry benchmarks.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA SPE are certified by the DIN - Aerospace Standards Committee (NL).
  • The SIMULIA Abaqus solver is distinguished as the best solver for technology and advanced mechanics.
Precision in Simulation Starts with the Set Up


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