Putting a New Spin on Vintage Cars

Learn how SOLIDWORKS helped achieve the right fit, finish and finesse

How do you build a great British sports car that has all the idiosyncratic charm and character of a classic model, but also meets the contemporary demands of the modern driver for current technology? Great British Sports Cars, a team of vintage kit car manufacturers, turned to SOLIDWORKS® CAD to answer that question.

With SOLIDWORKS, the team was able to address key issues, which included expanding interior capacity, widening the chassis and distributing the weight better. The software allowed them to:

  • Test and adapt every measurement and specification, literally down to the last nut and bolt
  • Simulate material properties and parts to pinpoint accuracy
  • Easily replicate and adjust common parts such as shock absorbers
  • Move directly to CAM software, machine parts, and get them on the car in the same day
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