Respond to Customers, Solve Problems, and Deliver the Best Product You Can

Join in as the LID Boss team closes the loop on its new product


Bringing LID Boss from prototype to production has been a whirlwind. The team faced challenges, but were able to own these hurdles and bring LID Boss to market. Whether it's finishing up final tasks before going live with the LID Boss or reacting to customer feedback, the team knows the tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio can help them:

  • Review tasks and check all the boxes for each team member
  • Rapidly respond to customer feedback and make needed changes Quickly make, manage and review Issues and Change Actions
  • Easily markup product images to share with the larger team for reviews
  • And much more…    

WATCH THE VIDEOS and see how 3DEXPERIENCE Works helps the team complete their project, respond to customer demands, and keep all people and data connected in one digital space.




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