Discover SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer

Validate complex product designs fast and cost-effectively with SIMULIA SSE. Accelerate product innovation and enhance quality with world class simulation tools.

Discover SIMULIA Structural Professional Engineer for SOLIDWORKS® Cloud Solutions > Motorbike > Dassault Systèmes®

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Solve complex physics with confidence :

  • Tackle complex non linear structural design problems with confidence.
  • Conduct structural static, frequency buckling, modal dynamic response and structural-thermal analyses.
  • Access greater computational power with ‘cloud solvers’ when necessary.
  • Leverage the growing suite of apps available on the platform and create innovative, successful products.

Innovative Drilling with SIMULIA SSE

Learn how InFocus Energy Services added SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer to its SOLIDWORKS implementation to conduct nonlinear structural and complex contact analyses in the cloud to advance and accelerate new product development, save tens of thousands of dollars in testing costs, and cut months of time and extra labor.

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Unlock a New Set of Advanced Simulation Tools > Dassault Systèmes®

Unlock a New Set of Advanced Simulation Tools

Advanced simulation with SIMULIA SSE is used to extend SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium’s capabilities to solve a highly nonlinear problem, with contacts, hyper-elastic materials.

Handle High Complexity with Nonlinear Solver > Dassault Systèmes®

Handle High Complexity with Nonlinear Solver

Solve complex nonlinear static structural problems with an intuitive advanced simulation technology powered by SIMULIA Abaqus, the proven world-class Finite Element Analysis Solver. Speed up post-processing and the visualization of large models. Capture a precise load history of multiple and sequential load cases.

Accelerate the Design Process with Cloud Computing > Dassault Systèmes®

Accelerate the Design Process with Cloud Computing

Enable multi-threaded cloud computing for rendering and visualization computations of your large-scale simulation data. Running your simulation on the cloud lets you access more processing cores. This helps you run complex simulations with speed, clarity, and control and make design decisions faster. It also frees up your local machines for other design or simulation work.

Boost Accuracy with Advanced Meshing Tools > Dassault Systèmes®

Boost Accuracy with Advanced Meshing Tools

Choose between controlled or automated mesh creation and generate high-quality solid and shell meshes. Select from different element types and shapes including quads and triangles for shell elements and bricks and tetrahedra for solid elements. Automate the creation of repetitive meshes with Rule-Based Meshing and automatic feature recognition for holes, fillets, and beads.

Save Time with General Contact > Dassault Systèmes®

Save Time with General Contact

Define contact with greater ease, especially for multiple components and complex topology. Instead of setting contact pairs, use a single interaction to encompass contact globally. Maintain flexibility within the global definition to modify interactions of sub-regions or deactivate them if desired.