SOLIDWORKS CAD now includes your-round enhancements

Watch the webinar to hear the latest 3D CAD and browser-based design enhancements


At SOLIDWORKS, we’re always striving to continuously improve upon the functionality of all our tools. In fact, all SOLIDWORKS design solutions, both with cloud and browser-based, are updated with new enhancements five times each year. 

This webinar, featuring demos from SOLIDWORKS product development experts, will walk you through all of the latest enhancements. Key highlights include:

  • Start using CircuitWorks, which is now available with all licenses of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, to gain greater flexibility in circuit board design workflows. 
  • Seamlessly convert images into editable 2D sketches with all browser-based design solutions. 
  • Use the Repeat Selection feature to repeat the current Mesh Extrude selection in consecutive extrudes with 3D Sculptor. 
  • Easily create projection views with a new intuitive interface for touch devices with Manufacturing Definition Creator.
  • Ensure standards-compliant holes in your sheet metal designs with 3D SheetMetal Creator. 
  • Assess part stress with higher fidelity through a streamlined loads transfer from motion to structural simulations with 3D Motion Creator.

Customize your bills of materials (BOM), part lists, and balloons effortlessly with BOM property selection enhancements to 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight Mechanical.


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