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Video Pill nr. 12: how to do concurrent designs in SOLIDWORKS®.

Watch now the new episode of the SOLIDWORKS® Cloud Services Video Pills series and discover how our expert Alessandro Tornincasa is able to run concurrent designs in SOLIDWORKS®.

In the current process, you can set-up SOLIDWORKS® tool in a way that allows users to open assemblies and parts giving permissions exclusively on a specific file, while other sub-assemblies or parts will be read-only.

This workflow could be slow and with a plenty of errors, but thanks to the SOLIDWORKS® Cloud Services you will allow users to do concurrent designs without any kind of risk or delay!

In fact, you could unlock a SOLIDWORKS® file, this means that you’re the only one allowed to edit it. In the same way, you could also lock a single part on which you are working on, to prevent an intentional change from other users.

 Discover how to use the concurrent designs in the smoothest way with SOLIDWORKS® Cloud Services in this new video pill!


Alessandro Tornincasa

Alessandro Tornincasa

EUROMED Industry Process Consultant Specialist @ Dassault Systemes

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