SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Electrify Your 3D Models

3D Content Creation Done Right

With the continued growth of technology and the ever growing requirements of our customers, we see more and more companies making the transition from a solely 2D based workflow to a more integrated 2D/3D workflow. When a company is first adopting the 3D portion of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, one major step in the process is the creating of new 3D models for use within our Electrical projects and also how can we make our existing 3D content electrically intelligent for us with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

In this on-demand webinar, we look at both of the items mentioned above, creating new 3D content and reusing existing 3D content all with the electrical intelligence needed to work successfully in this application. More specifically, we look at the best practices around the following:

  • Working within the Routing Library Manager
  • Creating New Electrical Components
  • Defining Faces
  • Adding Mate References
  • Defining Connection Points
    • C-Points
    • R-Points
    • Cable Points
  • Library Management
3D Content Creation Done Right

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